Poly Bag 4.875x4.75 1.6mil FDA Flap Seal 100/pk B44XL CB

152900044 MFG #: B44XL
  • Color: Clear
  • Dimension: 4-7/8'' x 4-13/16''
  • Strength: 1.6 MIL
Crystal clear flap seal bags are designed for tri-fold paper products. This bag is designed like a #10 envelope with the bag opening on the 4'' side. This bag fits tri-folded 8-1/2'' x 11'' brochures. The adhesive strip is located on the flap of the bag, providing a flexible, resealable packaging option for a wide range of products. The flap seal design allows you to adjust the bag height by folding over the flap as needed for a secure fit. The strong 1.6 mil BOPP material offers an exceptional presentation and is food safe for edible treats and candy. USPS approved.