Engineered Packaging Solutions

We provide custom packaging expertise at every stage of the process from engineering the perfect package, to designing a streamlined operational line, optimizing palletization and reducing freight costs.

We deliver a better experience by putting our expertise and resources to work for you. From sourcing the best solution to delivering with complete reliability.


Food Service & Processing

We can source or design the products you need—from the everyday to the obscure. We do it with fair, competitive pricing and streamlined logistics to deliver what you need, when you need it, how you need it.



Cogent Solutions & Supplies offers everything you need to manage your packaging, supply and equip your operation, and maintain your facility with clear, cogent certainty.

Why Cogent?

At Cogent, we deliver more than supplies. We help you clearly see opportunities to optimize your operations, enhance your customer experience and ultimately support your profitability. Whether you need guidance on equipment, advanced inventory management, forecasting support or design solutions, we are ready to help you with clarity and expertise.

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Cold and flu season will soon be upon us. Here are five easy habits that fight the spread of illness at work.

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Cogent Solutions & Supplies is a member of NETWORK®, a network of more than 75 independent organizations that work together as one streamlined organization. NETWORK is the leading distributor of paper, plastic, maintenance, janitorial and sanitation, and related facility products in the U.S. and Canada. NETWORK also has more than 750 locations in over 50 countries.

As part of NETWORK®, Cogent Solutions & Supplies can deliver products and services to your customers nationwide and around the world with reliable infrastructure and management—while still providing the committed, local service you can count on.

To learn more about how you can achieve simply smarter supply working with Cogent and NETWORK®, contact us today.

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