Adaptable Flat Mop Kit Includes Frame,2 Pads,Insert,Handle

307632426 MFG #: RCP2132426
  • Product Detail: Frame, Pads, Wringer Insert & Handle
Floors dry 4X faster when mopping with Adaptable Flat Mop microfiber pads, compared to large cotton string mops. Adaptable Flat Mop microfiber pad weighs 70% less when fully soaked than large cotton string mops. Microfiber pads are tested to withstand up to 200 commercial launderings, 100 with bleach. Adaptable Flat Mop pads last 6X longer than large cotton string mops. Ideal for cleaning heavy-duty large areas. Kit includes: Adaptable Flat Mop Frame (2132428), 2 Adaptable Flat Mop Pads (2132427), Wringer Insert (2132425) and Quick-Connect handle.