Seal-A-Tron Shrink Tunnel Production Machine T-1910-30

108216204 MFG #: T-1910-30
  • Brand Name: Ocono
Features SURROUND-AIR� thermal system, an exclusive network that distributes hot air to every square inch of your package evenly to get a clean, uniform shrink on every side, even the bottom. KOOL TUCH�, by completely isolating the interior shrink tunnel walls from the outside wall, we've achieved a substantially cooler tunnel exterior and consistent internal temperature during operation. All exposed surfaces of the tunnel may get warm but are cool enough preventing injury. 1/2'' diameter Silicone Covered Rollers on 1.5'' center. Solid State Analog Temperature Controller with Solid State Power Switching. Variable Speed Conveyor with JAM-SAFE� Feature including ESP� (Electronic Shear Pin). Cool-Down Cycle for extended Life of Conveyor Rollers. Hi-Temp Oven Bushings.