5/8" Polyester Strap .035 1300# Green Embossed 16x6 4200'/cl

101674677 MFG #: X5835EMT042H2
  • Capacity: 1300 lb.
  • Color: Green
  • Dimension: 5/8'' x 4000'
  • Product Size: 16x6 CL
  • Strength: .035
Manufactured to the tightest industry tolerances, Samuel's polyester strapping is AAR approved for use with brick and lumber. It has excellent retained tension properties which makes it ideal for heavy-duty loads that require good initial tension as well as retained tension which keeps the strap tight around the load even if the package settles and shrinks in size. Since polyester strapping uses either a heat or friction seal to weld the strap, there is no need for metal seals. Further savings can be realized through the cost per foot and most importantly perhaps, invaluable savings through a reduction in damage to your products through the use of seals or staining.