Grocery Bag #16 Kraft H/D 57# 7.75x4.75x16 500/bl 30916 DUR

CZ16SUPER MFG #: 30916
  • Brand Name: Bulwark
  • Capacity: 16 lb.
  • Color: Kraft
  • Dimension: 7-3/4'' x 4-13/16'' x 16''
  • Grade: Heavy-Duty
  • Paper Weight: 57#
Extra heavy-duty Kraft grocery bags. Tough, strong and sturdy. Made to hold those weighty, awkward items, like bottles, cans and objects where a regular grocery bag just won't do. You can count on the extra strength these bags get from their 50-57 lb. basis weight, up from the 30-40 lb. basis weight of regular bags. You won't have to worry about tearing, ripping or stretching. Designed to stand up stoutly, no falling over or spilling. No need to double bag.